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Looking for group Women's Programs?

Women's Programs

Discover What Gives Your Life Meaning!​

These workshops bring learning to life as you find Results that are completely applicable to you in your every day life!



Women's Workshop

Be True. Be Authentic. Be YOU!

The world is full of ways to help you find yourself, help you understand your values, principles and purpose. There are loads of books, videos and tutorials everywhere you look.  Maybe you have taken a look at a few to help improve your confidence, or maybe its self-doubt, anxiety , or maybe even depression you are working on.


Some of the time it helps for a little while, but most often it doesn’t last. Other times there is no notable change at all. That’s why the Authentic You Women’s Workshop is different…


We know that we cannot fix everything for you, but we can say that we can get you on the path to find the answers to your own lives questions and challenges. Making the changes that truly lift you up in life!


How does that happen you may ask.., well Real, sustainable change comes when you discover the answers yourself. WE provide the opportunity to discover what you need most in life. 


Our workshops give you the direction, the “coach,” and the experience to allow you to find your own self-truths.


Our workshops are for all women, No matter what age or stage in life, and especially those who:

  •     Are looking for passion in their life.

  •     May be experiencing personal struggles loneliness, anxiety or depression.

  •     May Experience self-hate.

  •     Feel burdened with emotions.

  •     Desire balance and peace within their lives.

  •     Have a desire to build up skills in assertiveness and communication techniques.

  •     Struggle with self-worth/self-esteem.

  •     Want to discover their gifts and talents

        - Want to become their Authentic You


Our beautiful guides are four-legged ones who hold no judgment, over your history of who or what you are. They will guide you to self-knowledge and a calmness and strength that will change your life!

"Authentic You" was a fantastic 2-day course with my daughter. All I can say is wow, and if you are a woman you need this course!!!! I'm normally a strong person, but this course peeled away layers of me that was needed in order to heal. I loved it..... Run, not walk to this workshop.


Guide You To Find YOUR Authentic YOU!

Take the Pledge to Make Your Change 

Our Workshop Includes:

  •     Small class size of 4-6 for optimal learning

  •     Your personal  hands on success guide and direction bookle

  •     4 Objectively driven sessions in the arena with the horses and find your authentic self

  •     Communication assessment - this helps not only you understand your style of communication but also understanding all of those people in your life

  •     Country lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the weekend

  •     Bookmarks of your guides the horses, and their stories

  •     Food for thought deck of cards for daily inspiration

  •     A life-changing workshop!

Women's Workshop yyc
Women's Self Improvement Workshop

2022 Workshop Dates:
May 27 - 28
June 10 - 11
July 01 - 02
August 12 - 13

Don't Miss Out On Your Next Journey Discovering Beautiful You At Our Authentic You Retreat Workshop's NOW!

What an incredible experience!!! The Authentic You program has definitely found me my next new chapter for my life. I had such mind-blowing truths and now have a new direction in my life to take.


Shouldent you bea at th TOP of your list?


Join us for this eye-opening workshop!

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