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Leadership Development


Team Building & Leadership Development Activities in Calgary & Area

Our horses are effective teachers delivering respected leadership training, and they demand it! Following the example of herd dynamics, one can draw parallels between horse and human life. The stallion of a herd is like the CEO of the office, having the big picture in mind. The rest of the herd are like the workers in the office setting, all having their important parts to play in the grand scope of the team effort.


The horse takes us on a journey of developing our own style of leadership, it is a must have skill in today’s bustling world.

"This was so unexpected. I was skeptical to begin with, couldn’t think how this would be relevant to leadership. It is totally relevant."


Canadian Pacific Police Service


Boost Team Performance

Improve team dynamics by helping each member understand each other’s abilities and skills. Make this vital change and see performance drastically enhanced.

Increase Productivity

Learn how to manage yourself and therefore you can learn how to effectively utilize your skills to the max. Productivity is important to not only the employer, but also the employees and clients!

Increase Top Line Sales

Develop abilities that allow your impeccable leaders to guide their teams to achieve higher top line sales, by building skills that bring out the best in each member. Synergy is then soon to follow suit.

Enhance Critical Skills

Learn the essential skills that your company needs to develop and master today! Team members will learn how to apply these critical skills to new opportunities, and therefore design creative solutions, and bring them to fruition.

Communicate Effectively

In order to be a successful business communication is key. Perfecting the skill of communication brings about enhanced problem solving skills, creativity and the ability to think outside the box to fine effective solutions.

Bridge The Gap

Does a gap exist between managers and their teams? We can help rectify that issue through understanding key human values and therefore bridge the gap and bring everyone onto the same page leading to ultimate success!

Think Outside the Boardroom

Our Certified Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) program takes your team out of the regular office setting and allows them to develop key critical life skills alongside the horse, which facilitates an opportunity for all members of your company to learn to work together effectively and therefore improve the overall success of your business. Participants are guaranteed to leave the arena with a measurable improvement that can be directly applied to daily life. Moral will be higher, therefore productivity is increased, and your top line sales will directly show it. Our horses make it possible for everyone to walk away with new knowledge.

Your experience will be priceless; the lessons learned will stay with you for life. With the horse as our teacher we will be able to sort out the best qualities of all your employees and therefore ensure that you have the best team working for you. Horses reveal the hidden dynamics of teams so that they can be effectively managed. Listen to the teacher and you will be amazed at how productivity can be significantly increased. With the horses complete honesty, as they know no other way, one can learn more about themselves and others which will leave them excited to practice their newly acquired skills in their personal and work settings.

Much like horses, team members look to strong leaders that they mutually trust and respect. This trust and respect is earned when the leader is able to be an effective example to which other desire to be with. Using horses as a team building tool can give your business leaders the chance to learn how to be an authentic leader; a leader that people will follow and trust. Working with horses creates a unique experience that causes all in attendance to remember the skills far longer than if sitting in 'just‐another‐classroom.'

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team building activites in calgary

You Want Results.

In our ever-changing world, what is your companies most valuable assets? People. Everything is completed by people sales, revenue, quality of product; it all depends on the person that it entrusted to the task. It’s time to engage your people, your team, in a program that will give you irrefutable results. This hands-on program gives you a unique experience with the ability to acquire and fine tune valuable skill sets that can be applied in the workplace. Back In Touch uses a proactive approach to empower individuals through group activities. We focus on appreciating and building on individual qualities of the team and working on how each individual’s qualities fit together, while having some loads of fun in doing so.
Everyone knows that knowledge is power. Knowledge can be memorized, experience come with time, but the most important attribute to a successful employee is a foundation of practical SKILLS that they have gained due to their knowledge and experience.

One of the most underused skills that is lacking in most workplaces is communication. The horse can uncover the under utilized abilities that are already present in your organization and put them into action to work for you. Our programs are constructed to allow individuals to creatively accomplish a common goal which requires clear constructive communication to find success. This unique style of horse/human interaction is an effective approach to team building and leadership development and is a powerful metaphor for the work environment.

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