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Building Strong Families

Going to the zoo, amusement park, mini golf, go cart track, or escape room, are all so fun to do together! Sure it's a great time, and you get out of the house, but what do you walk away with? 

For families, having a child with a chronic health condition can lead to loss of their hope for an “ideal” child. Things can start to pile up, siblings may feel neglected.  Major expenses can occur and the time commitment is huge! You may have even lost opportunities as a family member may be required to provide extra care for the child, are therefore unable to return to work.  Social Isolation can therefore start to creep in. In some cases siblings may start to resent the extra attention the ill child receives. Such stress may cause family breakup, especially when there are preexisting difficulties with family function.


Don’t despair, our brand new Family Herd Series is here for you. We help families learn how to listen to one another, to learn together, to see the value in one another, building an unbreakable bond.


The Family Herd will open up a different perspective about the strengths of each family member. The horses, who live in a herd just like we live in a family, will help to bring out each individual personality. They will open up lines of communication, bring you together to work as a team, and will help your family make healthy changes, all while having fun quality time with one another.


Like many families, our time is spread ever so thin…Our lives are busy and fast paced. With full time jobs, part-time jobs, after school activities, family obligations, and homework, even fixing a home cooked meal is a challenge… isn’t it about time that we align our schedules for some family time? This is your opportunity to build up what matters most, and brings about Family Unity, Strength, and build skills that are essential to successful family life.

Working with horses puts you hand on, teaches sound decision making, builds your observation skills with attention to details, develops your self confidence, expands your critical thinking and problem solving skills, and enhances your leadership, all while having a fun time with those you love most! ​


Parenting a child with chronic illness requires more strength, resolve, perseverance and courage than we likely ever dreamed possible, yet it also blesses us with the gifts of compassion, perspective, presence, and profound love as we are daily drawn closer together. The Family Herd build strong families, with even stronger children, who can get through anything in life together.

I learned some simple but excellent aspects of working with and understanding horses! The Family Herd Series was an eye opener in relationships ie how we approach them, what they mean to us and even our role in them. I'm hoping what I learned will help me and my family work towards a more trusting, healthy and balanced relationship!

Krista Ritchie

Guide for Your Family to Build the Connection You Crave!

The Family Herd Workshop Includes:

  • A guide to dinner table conversations that will open up positive communication in your family, check in with feelings, address any issues with the day, and celebrate each others success!

  • 5 weekly hands on programs, to build skills essential for family life 

  • Tips on how to communicate effectively and build positive interactions with one another

  • Ways to develop healthy ground rules for the home and oneself

  • Exercises designed to help your family solve problems, by coming together to resolve differences 

  • Greater appreciation of other family members efforts and contributions to the family unit

  • Awareness on how we approach others in our own lives, and the choices we make

  • Food for thoughts that give tools to be productive and live better lives. 

  • A video of the family experience with the horses, to reflect upon the experiences

  • Ever needed Family time away from the house!


2022 Family Herd Series Start Dates:
April 1st
July 8th

Don't Miss Out On Your Families Journey to Deeper Meaningful Connection


Working with the horses today allowed me to appreciate what the different members of my family respond to. I feel invited into the world of the horses, and it's been a blast! I feel so much more comfortable now within my own family!

Joseph Ellington

Shouldent you bea at th TOP of your list?
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Join us for this bond building series!

First 2 Family Members Only $47

Additional Family $35

SAVE 10% if you pay in Full

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