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            The Equine Assisted Learning experience was a great program for our kids. The students were eager to participate and share their experiences with others. Teachers have noticed and commented on these students being more assertive, communicating their needs better and they seem more resilient when confronted by problems or obstacles. Parents have also provided positive feedback saying they have noticed a change in their children even in such a short time.

- Teacher

           Today was really great. I’m glad I came because I was having a really awful day in the beginning of the morning and I just wanted to stay home but hanging out with the horses always puts me in a good mood because one of them remind me of my best friend (the person) who has helped cheer me up through all my hard times. I really love coming here because it makes me remember that life is good no matter what.

- Tae (Student)
interactive experiential programs for youth calgary
approved by the calgary board of education

           I had fun and I haven’t had fun in a while, I can’t wait to come back.

- Anonymous


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            What a wonderful day! Learnt so much about myself. Very empowering! Love you guys!

- Joan Hehr

            What an inspiring day! I know the lessons I learned today will stay with me. Congratulations and kudos to you all for the work, love, and sharing you put into this tremendous day!

- Lori Black
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            This day was way too awesome!! I started my new journey on my path to bigger and better. I am so thankful to have connected with you!

- Chris Kleysen


corporate team building programs calgary

           I was somewhat skeptical about this program at the outset but after my first session I came away a firm believer that working with horses can not only help individuals to better understand themselves but can also be instrumental in developing effective teams that are aligned and working towards a common purpose. The fact that the benefits are evident almost immediately makes for a fantastic team building event that can actually produce results.

- Husky Oil

           What a unique way to learn! Any team would benefit from this experience.

- 88.9 Shine FM
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           We found the team building session to be very informative and a unique way to connect with each other on a new level.  The communication skills needed to work as a team are vital to the success of our organization and the team found it enlightening to see how the smallest thing affects us all.

- Anonymous
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